The Evil I Experienced:

5 Aug

The intense jealousy over ANYone of the opposite sex.

Telling me how guy friends only talked to me because they wanted to have sex with me, telling me even though I was SOOO STINKING LOYAL and In love with him, that I had too many men. (he was married)

He paid my children for the passwords to my emails so he could spy on me, he hacked my and my kid’s email to erase all traces of our relationship.

He publicly lied that I was a stalker who fabricated our relationship based on what I heard through the air waves. (all the while professing his undying soul mate love for me, telling me he was leaving his wife)

He subjected me to the silent treatment at times for weeks until I did what he said. He told me that he’d resume talking to me when I removed the “evil” from my facebook. He was talking about the fact that I was friends with another victim of his on facebook; a former co-worker.

When I was late once from getting him a Christmas gift, he accused me of being out “cheating on him”.

He filed an injunction of harrassment  stating that I threatened to drown his children & that I was a stalker who he “never had a relationship with” (SMEAR CAMPAIGN)

He had security accompany he and his coworkers because he had a ‘crazy stalker’

He threatened to have me fired from jobs and created a website about me, LYING that I was addicted to Meth.

There’s SOOOOO MUCH MORE he did to me its unfathomable.

I want to FORGIVE him for all of it.

Im out now, FREE; A FREE woman, which is all I ever wanted if I wasn’t going to be loved in a healthy manner.

I want to let go of these awful, traumatic experiences. Im out now. I dont have to go through the rigamarole. Im in a safe place. I feel healthier, happier, more stable and downright fulfilled in all areas of my life than I’ve ever felt. I wouldn’t trade this for ANYTHING.

Dear God, take this resentment from me and allow me to forgive _________’s  trespasses.

Im humbled,



One Response to “The Evil I Experienced:”

  1. maidinaustralia September 24, 2011 at 11:03 pm #

    The kids were talking today and I remember thinking: I’m so glad I am free. But I wish they were too. That’s my only regret. Just discovered your blog via @MajikMSM on twitter.

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