Fight the GOOD Fight

25 Dec

Battling a narcissist and their lies is an exhausting battle.

Im a person who gets exhausted by fighting. That’s all that existed for the 3 years I was involved with the self centered, reality twisting narcissist. I fought to save my sanity, earn the respect I deserved, have my feelings honored, my questions about my future answered, and my boundaries respected.


My mind body and soul were ready to move on 12 months ago. The narc had other plans:  If I wasnt going to keep quiet about the REAL him being revealed, then he was going to “show” me by exacting his rage and fury by using proxies and the legal system to shut me up. I always said I’d STOP telling the truth about him, if he stopped LYING about me.  I know better than to try and bargain with a narcissist however;  as its nothing more than negotiating with the devil.

I was forced to fight a fight I didnt choose to engage in, but had to in order to fight for principal, TRUTH and my own self preservation.  The future holds a couple of other fights with the dirty narc that targeted me, but I’m prepared.

The one thing I know for sure is that I will never again engage in a futile argument with the narc that targeted me as well as all the other narcissists running freely rampant in our every day lives.  I will no longer allow my character, my word, my truth, my actions, my integrity, my mental health, my motivations, intentions and godliness to be up for debate.

Just because people don’t believe the truth doesn’t make it a lie – Just as people believing a lie doesn’t make it the truth.


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